Monday, February 18, 2008

Another New Camera

Grandma and Grandpa Lee came for a came for a visit this weekend. We didn't do much except go to the Pavillion (basically a little children's science museum). Here are a couple of my favorites taken on my new camera I got on Friday.

You'll be able to tell by their faces that they were highly amused by the whole place.

Trevor and Carson played a virtual game of hockey and soccer. The best goalies are usually buried up to their chest in ice or grass!

Here is them trying to be goalies.

And some other pictures I took during the weekend.

If you have one in your mouth then clearly the ear is the next best place for one.

Passing the time until dinner by reading in the kitchen.

Who says the slippers need to be on the same way?

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  1. Love the pictures. The bath picture is incredible!