Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're leaving on a jet plane............

On Monday the boys and I are jetting off for a fun filled week in Florida. Yesterday it was 19 below (actual temperature) when we woke up. Yeah, this trip can't come soon enough. But I'm a little nervous since I will be flying solo with the boys. And did I mention our flight leaves here at 5:05 AM on Monday. Dear Lord.

So I'm busy trying to pack and buy things for the boys to keep them occupied on the plane. I'm not worried about Carson since he has 2 new movies to pass the time and I think the fact that we will be on a "awe-a-pwane" will be enough amusement for him.

It's Declan that sends shivers up my spine. He's a crazy animal. And I say that with all the love in my heart, seriously. I have no idea how to keep him occupied. I'm hoping the crack-of-dawn departure time will be enough to zonk him out. Please pray for me and my crazy animal!!

Trevor has a busy week ahead of him with a to-do list 40 miles long. At the top of that list is my kitchen cabinets. Hopefully I return with doors on my cabinets.

Declan has been talking up a storm lately. I would say, in my best guess, he has 15 to 20 words he can say. Some of his newer ones are bubbles, thank you, please, book and egg. Carson never talked this early so its been alot of fun watching him try and say things. You can almost see him trying to say it in his head before it comes out his mouth.

Carson has fallen off the poop-on-the-potty bandwagon. So I've offered him the incentive of a new train if he goes on the potty. We'll see how well this goes.

I'm off for the week but will be back from Florida next week with LOTS of pictures.

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  1. Have a great trip! Declan is in a tough age for flying...that little window between the time when they are immobile and the time that they are content to just watch movies during the flight. When Soren was that age we spend a lot of time walking around and looking at things on the plane though it is pretty easy to exhaust those sites quickly. I hope it goes well! Have a WARM and relaxing trip!