Monday, February 25, 2008

It'a too hot....

Have you seen that Disney commercial where the family is getting ready to go to the Magic Kingdom? They are trying to get their children to sleep and the boy tells his parents he is, "too excited to sleep." At the end of the commercial the wife asks her husband if he is sleeping and he responds, "no, too excited." Well, that scenario played out in our house last night. Carson has been up since 2am, yes you read that right, 2am. And he was a pretty much a jumping excited mess the whole morning. Shouting at every plane and pretty much non-stop plane talk, since 2amM! However, on our 2nd flight he barely made it through take off before he, and Declan, were out cold. This picture doesn't do it justice but he was half on the seat and half on the floor asleep. Guess that is what happens when you are "too excited."

Its about 60 degrees warmer here than it was at home yesterday. So, I'm off to go outside with the boys.

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