Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines All Around.

Today after lunch I asked Carson if he wanted to play Hide and Seek. He shouted Yeah Mama! So I was trying to explain to him how it worked and pretty much all I said was, "Go count to ten and Declan and mommy will hide then you have to come find us." So he started counting and Declan and I ran to hide. Well he must have played it at school because the next thing I hear is, Weady or not hewe I come."

It was so much fun. Even when Carson insisted that I hide in the same spot. Makes it easy that way I guess. He can't wait to play it after nap again. It was a little tough to get him down to sleep today.

Yesterday we spent the morning with some of our friends. Here are some pictures of our fun.

Declan trying to ride the plasma car. These cars are kind of pricey but if your looking for a fun car for you kids I recommend this one. The boys have so much fun with it because they can both make it go....see video below.

Being Silly

Playing with the baby and sporting some good drool, must be getting some new teeth.

Enjoying a Valentine picnic with our friends.

And my attempt at getting them to take a Valentine picture. Ha! Yeah right.

Here's a fun video of them on the plasma car.

Grandma and Grandpa Cameron got the boys some new Crocs for Valentines Day. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Crocs but I have some friends who say they are great for kids so we decided to get them a pair. Well, they came today and Carson was so excited to get new shoes. In fact he insisted on wearing them for nap today too. Here are some pictures of the boys sporting their new shoes. And those are cute in these little tiny sizes.