Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We got ourselves some bad sunscreen.....

We soaked ourselves in sunscreen today and headed to the beach. Well apparently the sunscreen didn't work, at least mine. So I'm fried. Well at least I got some color and now some Aloe so I can have some relief.

The boys had a blast at the beach. Carson didn't want to get out of the water and Declan loved the sand. Here are some pictures of our fun day.


A Gecko. Carson isn't impressed with them.

A crab.....a dead crab.

First we need glasses and yes, they still work upside down.

Careful...the water is going to get you.

Oh no!

It didn't take him to long to figure out he liked it.

Declan preferred the birds flying overhead.

Back away from me, I'm eating raisins.

Ack, but I can't eat them with sand on my fingers.

Attempting the water with some help.

Ohhh....it feels good.

Washing off at home.


  1. You should have grabbed that crab and boiled it up for dinner!

  2. Amy - What a great photo-documented version of your day! Sorry to hear about the sunburn. Funny that you mention "getting some color" I guess when people say that they don't usually mean red, do they?! LOL.