Friday, May 2, 2008

A whole-lotta Friday randomness

A few (or maybe more) random thoughts.

* I have hit more garage sales in the last 2 weekends then I think I have in my whole life. This morning the boys and I went to a few and Carson about lost his mind when he saw a big Thomas carrying case in front of a house. He was ecstatic about it and for $2 I couldn't pass it up. Shhh, don't tell him that the trains he has are too big for it. He is happier then a clam and him and Big Thomas are settled in for a nap now. We also got a Mickey puzzle for $1 which has 100 pieces and he did pretty good helping me get it together.

* I killed at least a million ants yesterday. And I am not exaggerating. I used an entire bottle of ant killer on them. It was so gross and I've been itching ever since.

* We got our stimulus check today. Yahoo! We're planning a trip for this fall with it.

* My Schwan man was nice enough to drop off some Push-Ems today that he was out of earlier this week. When I was younger that was all we got from the Schwan man and they were so good. I don't think I've had one since. Can't wait to dig into those!

* Declan is still having some major pooping problems. Per my doctors advice he has been drinking LOTS of juice but its not making much of a difference for him. So looks like I need to call the doctor and get him on an infant laxative.

* I need some new pants for work so on Monday I took the boys shopping with me. I thought it would be a fabulous idea to scrunch us all into a dressing room so I could try on a pair. As I took off my own pants Carson yelled (to a packed dressing room) "Mom your half naked!" Thanks honey!

* Lately Carson believes that anything that happened in the past happened "wast night." I've been trying to teach him days of the week but he isn't grasping it. So in his mind not only did we go to a Twins game with Papa Cameron but we also moved into our new house, ate pancakes, tacos and ice cream, went to the river and played chalk. Not a dull moment around here.

* Declan is a book fanatic. It's non-stop all day long he wants to "wead it." It looks like he is reading some great novel to his students, not a book with every single type of "twuck" pictured.

* Carson has taken a liking to his swimming lessons. He loves the noodle train she does with them. I can sign him up for some shorter lessons this summer so I think I may do it just because he loves it so much. Check out this video...he's getting brave.

* Declan keeps getting called a girl wherever we go. I know its the hair since I'm pretty sure I do a good job of dressing him like a boy. So I'm debating cutting his hair off. Not sure what to do with it though. Look at those curls.

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  1. Ooh, garage sales...I haven't started going yet this spring. But I love garage sales!