Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Growing as a Parent

When I was pregnant with Carson I figured I would love the baby stage. Then once he hit 1 or 2 and so on I wasn't sure what I would think about it. Honestly, I thought I would hate it. And hates a strong word but I was scared to have a "toddler" or a "preschooler." The baby stage seemed so much more fun and cuddly and oh that baby smell. I loved it.

Yesterday Carson and I spent a few hours outside while Declan was sleeping and I realized that this stage in his life has been my favorite so far. Even better then the baby stage if you can imagine such things. His personality is flourishing, he can carry on a pretty good conversation, he's asking questions about everything, he's so curious, he's entertained by the simplest things and he makes me laugh all day with the things that come out of his mouth.

I look forward to teaching him and his brother all about life, about God, about serving and helping others, about being good people, etc. We get to teach them all this stuff. Why is this hitting me now? How exciting and yet how nerve racking. I often wonder how am I going to teach them. The teacher in me tells me I need a lesson plan, I need to know when and how to teach them about these things. I know I don't have all the answers and some days I panic and feel I need to research so I have the right answers when the time comes. But when will that time come?

Well yesterday it came when he asked me a few simple questions about God and about Jesus. They were simple, who is Jesus, where is He, etc. Of course I knew the answers and I tried to explain it in 3 year old terms but what if he didn't get it? I'm a worrier by nature, but I think I've come to the realization that I just need to go with the flow and pray that God helps us answer all their questions about life.

One thing I know.....God has truly blessed us!

Now for some random pictures from our week.

The boys got a new table last week and so since its pretty much still winter out its been sitting in our kitchen. And so they want to eat at it every meal. It's pretty cute but the cracks in the table result in this....

LOTS of food on the floor.

Carson has decided that he NEEDS to go "shishing" (fishing). He carried this tackle box for HOURS yesterday waiting for daddy to come home and take him to the river.

We put up our bird feeder yesterday and Carson anxiously waited for birds to come have some food. We woke up this morning and found our first patron.

I finally got around to taking the wallpaper off the top of our cabinets last week. In my efforts I discovered that the previous owners had actually put up particle board and wallpapered that. SO, we tore down the particle board and I now have this nice look to my cabinets. It's beautiful, I know. Ha! Not really sure what I am going to do up there but I'm headed to Home Depot tonight to check out my options.

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