Friday, April 25, 2008

A Big Tummy

It's snowing. Less then 48 hours ago I was out doing yard work with the boys in their shorts. This spring sucks! Can you tell I'm crabby? My parents are driving home today and the roads are horrible. Can this really be happening on April 25th? Grrrrr!

Declan went to the doctor this morning for his 18 month checkup. We've been having a problem with his poop (Wow, my kids are going to die when they are older and realize how much I talked about their bowel movements.) Anyway, most of this may stem from the fact that he doesn't eat much. He pooped last week Thursday and didn't start trying until Monday. He was unsuccessful both Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday after nearly a week of not pooping he let loose. Good news for parents were in town. Declan proceeded to poop in the bathtub both nights for them. He's never done that and I'm so glad I wasn't here to clean it up. MMMUUUUWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! ;-) Thanks Mom and Dad!

Needless to say the doctor is recommending more juice for the little guy. Any kind just as long as he will drink it. If that doesn't work then we may go on a prescription laxative for him.

Here are his stats

32 inches tall

25 lbs 6 oz

20 inch head

When we got home I was in the boys' room trying to find Carson's baby book so I could compare the two. However, I don't have stats for Carson at 18 months. I know he went to the doctor. The fact that we were moving and having a baby all in the same month (er, week) he was 18 months may have something to do with the fact that I didn't write them down. But in my best guess he must have been around 34 inches tall and 29 lbs with a 20 inch head.

Carson started looking through his baby book and I was pointing out all the pictures of him as a baby. Usually he insists that its Declan because he doesn't quite realize that he hasn't always been a big boy and that yes, he was Declan's age once too. One of the first pictures in the book is a lovely picture of me about 14 months pregnant, I was that huge. I told Carson he was in my big tummy. I got up to leave the room and when I came back this is what I found.

What a tender moment between two brothers. It's hard to believe Carson is already 3 and when I see things like this it really makes me see just how old he is. And how frank he is that its not mom but its mom's big belly. Yes, its big, it takes up most of the picture!

I was brought back from my tender moment by the shouting and screaming of two boys fighting over a baby book.

Such is life.

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