Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying a Kite

On Sunday Trevor took the boys out to fly kites while I was at work. Here's how the afternoon went....

First a kite flying lesson from daddy.

Declan doesn't like to be told what to do or how to do it so he wasn't a fan of the lesson, hence "the look."

Look daddy its in the air!

I'm a kite flying pro!

I don't even have to watch what I am doing.

Oh no, maybe I do.
Yay, its back up again!

Now its up for good. Good thing there cheap and we have more!

The kite flying pro in action.

Meet Charlie, well that's what we've decided to call him. His our neighbors cat and he's pretty friendly. He usually makes a daily visit when the boys are outside and they love him. He doesn't run and hide from them like our kitties. So the boys get lots of chances to give him pets.

And boy does he love their pets.

They pretty much follow him around until he decides to go back home. Someday we'll figure out his real name but for now Charlie is pretty fun.

Everyone needs to take a rest after a heavy day of activity. And why not do that with the snowblower when its 70 degrees out!

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