Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Time!

Its supposed to be 77 today. In fact, its supposed to be in the 70s through next Thursday. Fabulous!! Now, if only we didn't have to work all weekend. Sigh.

Carson is becoming a trike riding fool! He makes at least 50 laps every time we are outside.

I repainted a shelf in our kitchen. Carson thought it would come in handy as a toy shelf.

Declan ate an entire half of a PB&J the other day. So I treated him to a pudding cup. I'm not sure if more got on his clothes, face and fingers or in his mouth.

My mom captured this picture last weekend. Yes, that's Declan' hair or as I like to refer to it, the rat's nest. So it was time for a haircut today. Brace yourself......

One last picture before we cut it off.

Look at those little curls.

He wasn't up for much of an after shot.

He looks so old now. :-(


  1. How is it that a simple haircut makes all little boys look sooooo much older? He looks adorable!

  2. Amy, he looks so cute with his haircut!!