Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Get ready for picture overload. I took alot of pictures this weekend and surprisingly, alot of them turned out well. It was a busy weekend of gopher catching, riding trike, playing corn hole, playing boccie ball, hanging out with family, fishing and 4-wheeling. Here is a peak into our Memorial Day Weekend.

Riding daddy's old trike.

Declan's turn...but the legs aren't quite long enough.

I noticed last week that Declan's eye lashes are getting really long and RED. They've gotten alot lighter in the past few weeks.

We went from pants and sweatshirts to t-shirts and shorts on Sunday. So that required a bath in sunscreen. The boys were more into putting it on themselves. And it appears Daisy thought she needed a little.

Carson trying to persuade Declan to let him apply the sunscreen. I love the look on both of their faces.

Help from Big Brother.

Don't forget the lips?

And the tip of your nose.

Trying to follow brother and Daisy through the doggie door.

Deep thoughts.

Playing corn hole with grandma and grandpa.

Taking a break for lunch on the steps of the porch.

Do you like Doritos? I like Doritos. I don't think we should eat anything else BUT Doritos.

Guess who likes watermelon?

One of 400 4-wheeling rides they got this weekend.

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  1. Amy - these pictures are so lovely! You are getting so good with your camera. Such sweet, poignant moments. Love 'em.