Monday, May 12, 2008

Wii'd Out

My entire upper body is sore. It hurts to laugh, cough and pretty much move. My right arm and side happen to be the worst. What may you ask was I doing? I'd love to say I was doing some great physical activity like hiking or swimming or running. But I wasn't.

I'm sore from playing Wii. Yes, you read that right, a video game system has left me pretty useless today. Oh, but it was fun and I'd do it again in a minute.

I'd like to thank Mother Nature for the extent of my injuries since it was raining and snowing all day Saturday. Yes, snowing on May 10th.

Mother's day was great. My present from Trevor and the boys is a trip to Your Secret Kitchen tomorrow night. I can't wait to go and try all the meals. I also got a new dress for our Vegas trip, some clothes and a gift certificate to get my hair cut. Yay!!

Here are some pictures of our weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Cameron's

Trying to teach a 3 yr old how to play Wii.

Checking out the golfers with grandpa.

I thought it was a great idea to try and snap a picture of me and the boys for Mother's Day. We had gone to the golf course for brunch so I thought the settings would be perfect. Even after many attempts of bribery the boys had other ideas then cooperating. So here are some outtakes of our picture attempts.

Declan was far more entertained by the waterfall behind us.

Grandma's attempt wasn't too bad.

Family picture try. Failed.

How about no kids in the picture. That seems to work MUCH better.

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  1. I wanna WII! I wanna WII! Actually, I've heard that they make some sort of workout related stuff for it...after your experience that isn't too hard to believe.