Monday, March 17, 2008

We Want Spring!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This morning we woke up to this......

And while its pretty and all, we are so sick of this %#*@!%&^*&^#$% snow it's not even funny. Well, its probably mostly me because my husband is happier then a clam with this crap. And the best part is we are supposed to get ANOTHER 4 to 6 inches tonight. Just bury me and bring me back when its warm.

Carson has been a little stinker lately about looking at the camera. He runs as soon as I pull it out. Or he wants to look at himself on the back of the camera. So, I've been trying to get creative in my picture taking. In the first picture I bribed them both with jelly beans. And as you can worked. Guess I should stock up on some jelly beans.

If you wrap them up in a towel as tight as possible then they can't escape. No guarantee that they will look at the camera but at least they are both in the picture.

Yesterday before this snow crap arrived we took a walk through the park and over to a bridge that is in our backyard. It was a pretty neat bridge and Carson was enthralled with it. Plus we got to try out our new monster rain boots. As you'll notice I stayed behind to get the pictures so they couldn't see me.

Brace yourself. We actually got some things done around the house this weekend. Check out our progress.


  1. Wow, Amy, there are really some lovely photos here! (Even if you do have to wrap your kids in towels to get them!)

  2. Amy, YAY for kitchen cabinets!! I know you are beyond excited! Love the pics of the boys on the bridge- so cute!