Monday, March 10, 2008


Carson has said some pretty cute things lately. Here are a few of the good ones.

Last week when we were in Florida we used Mrs. GPS to guide us a few places. Every time she would say, "In one-quarter mile, turn right." Carson would yell from the back...

"I don't wanna turn wight I wanna go weft."


"I don't wanna turn weft I wanna go wight."

Carson has been into reenacting scenes from the movie Cars. I shouldn't even use the word scenes because really, its just one. And we've repeated it no less then 400 times in the last week. Ugh! So last week I was lying on the floor playing Cars with him. I was half into it because I was pondering what I could say to get him to stop playing this. All of a sudden he leaned down close to my face and said...

"Mama, are you wistening to me?"

Yes, Yes of course I am son.

Then last night when he was trying to get Daddy to play the SAME scene. He said to daddy.

"Come on daddy just for a few minutes."

(Because we've been telling him we would play it for a few minutes every time he asks)

Today we went on a tour of the local pet store. Carson was thrilled to see the fish, dogs, birds and hamsters. When we were driving away he said from the backseat...

"Mama, that was fun, we come again so I can show daddy all da animals."

I have a few pictures from the weekend but I'm sick. And you can ask my husband, I'm a baby when I am even slightly sick. So I am headed up to rest for the remainder of this naptime. Hopefully whatever this is just goes away soon. I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

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