Saturday, March 1, 2008

Twins Fans and Beach Bums

Last night we made it to the Twins home opener against the Red Sox. They lost BUT it was grapefruit night so we walked away with 6 free grapefruits. I told Carson he could have whatever he wanted for dinner and he chose popcorn and peanuts. I think he had fun except he kept saying it was a basketball game then a hockey game so we have to work on the baseball part.

Last night as I was trying to get him to go to bed at 11pm! I whispered, "I love you little man."

Carson replied...

"I love you little momma."

I think it's can call us Beach Bums now.

Emptying the ocean with grandma.

I found a starfish in the water too. It was alive so we snapped a quick picture before I threw it back. (It's a $500 fine if we take it!). Another lady there found a huge seashell that was alive and she brought it over for the boys to see before she took it back. They thought that was pretty neat.

Declan is going to be my bug boy. He was trying to chase and pick up a huge grasshopper. Carson won't touch them with a ten foot pull but Declan loves them. Someday he'll be bringing them home to me. Lovely.

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  1. Little mama, I'm loving all these photos!