Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Say What

Carson went to take a nap this afternoon with a 102 temperature. I hope its nothing and the nap takes care of it.

Meanwhile, here are few funny Carson moments from the past few days.

Carson has been sporting a runny nose for a few days. Well the other day while I was at work he was throwing a fit and crying. He came over to Trevor and said,

"Daddy my nose is coming out of my eyes."

The other day I went to get him out of his seat in the car and he was resting his head on his hands so I asked if he was tired. His response,

"No, I just thinkin."

The other night (while I was at work) Carson and Daddy were watching hockey. Carson wanted Trevor to play hockey with him. Well Trevor was so zoned out on the tv he didn't notice (or hear) his son trying to get his attention. Trevor was standing behind our ottoman so Carson climbed up on the ottoman with his hockey stick in hand and starting poking Trevor with it until he noticed him. Which knowing my husband probably took a few pokes. Sad part is Carson zones out in front of the tv just like his daddy!

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