Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You did what?

Once upon a time when I was a small child my dad had a hair brain idea to dress me up like a boy. I can remember the night so clearly. After I had a bath my dad got out a button up shirt, buttoned it to the top and carefully combed my hair like a boy.

That sounds so odd when I type it out. What kind of family does that?
Apparently mine. Hey, don't judge! It was actually funny and a great memory to look back on. And its kind of scary how much I look like a boy in this picture.

Or how much I look just like Carson, with red hair.

So tonight in the bathtub when I was washing Declan's hair and ringing it out there is no way I had the same idea.

Or maybe I did. And he thought it was hilarious and Trevor just rolled his eyes!
Next time I'll find a girl shirt for him and maybe a curling iron.
Just kidding!

Speaking of fun hairdos.

Sunscreen works as a fun hair product.

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