Friday, July 30, 2010

Flooding in July

This has been one crazy summer for rain. It never stops and when it does rain, its usually more then an inch, at least it seems that way. Last Wednesday we received over 4.5 inches of rain. It was incredible. The river came out of its banks a little, a few drops of water came in our window and a good chunk of our newly laid wood chips washed away. We joked that it was a good thing we don't get 4 inches of rain very often. Who knew that 9 days later we would receive another 4.5 inches of rain (not to mention about the 1.5 that fell on Tuesday). So in just over a week that over 10 inches, OF RAIN! You can only imagine what our wood chips looks like. Sigh, I knew we should have done rock!! These pictures were taken this morning and the river hasn't budged since then.

I have no idea how our house is not flooded. Today I have watched as 4 of our neighbors have worked feverishly to keep that water from overtaking the basement of their house. Sump pumps, huge hoses and the humming of generators can all be seen and heard outside tonight. I feel very blessed and very lucky that we are not joining them in that fight. However, I don't think we are out of the woods just yet. More rain is forecasted, the river is just a mere feet from our house and the ground is unbelievably saturated. We can only pray that we will continue to stay dry and that our only real problem is our floating wood chips. Meanwhile, we visited Falls Park tonight. It was incredible!

The bike path is definitely closed.
Please keep us in your prayers.

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