Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Flood 2010

Saturday morning as I was cooking breakfast I looked out the window and noticed that the river had come up over its banks. Just 12 hours before we had commented that it was pretty close to the edge of the bank. We didn't really think much about it and packed up the boys to go to the sportsmen show.

Two hours later we got home and immediately noticed the river was much higher. I'll admit, I started freaking out, but Trevor and our neighbor didn't seem to think it was a big deal. They just kept putting stakes out there marking the water. It must be a man thing!

By Sunday morning the river was getting really close to our house. Close enough for us to panic, or at least I did, Trevor's pretty laid back, he never shows much panic or nervousness. You see on Saturday morning when the river was much farther away Trevor made the comment that if the water got to the "big tree" (the one on the left side of this picture) we would start moving things upstairs. I think all I said was, "Holy Crap its to the big tree." I don't think either of us ever thought it would get that far.

It had spread over towards our playground too. We made a few phone calls to see if sandbagging was in our future. I was fairly certain it was, Trevor and our neighbor.....not so much. The thing these pictures don't show very well is the slope in our yard. It's fairly steep and unless you are standing on the other side of the park, by the playground or the river, you don't really notice it.

We got in the car to go check things out. This picture doesn't show the angle either but its as close as I could get to getting a picture of the back of our house without getting wet and muddy.

We drove down to Falls Park to check things out there and it was insane. The amount of water running through there was the most I've ever seen. Which really doesn't say much since we've only lived here 3 years. But believe me when I tell you it was alot and it was loud and really neat to see.

Usually we can climb on most of these rocks. Most of them were either under water or no where near being safe enough to climb on.

By Sunday late afternoon we noticed that the water was starting to go down, you can see it on the tree lines. I started to breath a sigh of relief. Then around 5pm I noticed huge chunks of ice floating down the river. I wish we had videotaped it (that would require a working video camera). It was insane to see. They just kept coming and coming and coming. Large sheets of ice, big trees rushing down the river, crashing into trees and loosening up all this water in the park.

By this morning the water was down considerably. Thank God. It looks like we should be ok. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Thank you to all our friends who offered to help. What a blessing to know how many people would jump right in and help us save our house.

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