Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Vacation

We spent the weekend in the big city. It was fabulous! Our plans were very close to being spoiled as Carson came down with the flu on Thursday. Poor kid wasn't feeling very good on Friday but we decided to go anyway. He was a trooper! He came around on Saturday and played his butt off then was pretty wore out yesterday. Today he seems to be back to himself and back at school, hopefully his appetite has returned too.

It was such a nice little getaway. Breaking way of the winter blahs. We spent Saturday at the Childrens Museum. It was so much fun. I can't say enough good things about that place. The boys were fantastic! Really fantastic! And we spent four hours there wandering around and letting them do what ever they wanted. We took 332 pictures this's ridiculous I know. So enjoy this slough of pictures from our fun weekend.

Friday after a yummy dinner at Chipotle we took the boys swimming. Carson didn't feel like getting in but Declan and Bennett did. I think Bennett lasted about 90 seconds in the water.

Making big bubbles.

There is a section to the museum called "Our Town." One of the things you can do there is be a mailman and deliver the mail.

Both boys had a fun time dressing up.

And running around to the various other "stores" to collect and deliver the mail.
They were the cutest mailmen there.

The town also had a grocery store. The boys took turns pushing the cart around and picking out groceries to buy.

Then it was time to ring them up.

And pay for them.

Carson's favorite part was a musical room they had. You could stand on the stage and play a variety of fake musical instruments and then you look at the tv and see yourself dancing and singing away. He loved it.

We also paid a visit to the doctor where Declan tried out some little boy crutches.

Then it was time for a lunch break. The museum lets you bring in any food you want and eat it in their common areas. We chose a spot with big windows to look out.

Enjoying some raisins for lunch. And being silly of course.

After lunch the boys were dying to do some face painting.

I didn't think they would actually do it. I thought they would both not like putting things on their face.

I was wrong!

Really wrong!

They had a blast. We finally had to stop Declan so he wouldn't color his whole body(notice the line going down his throat). Even their facepaintings show their own unique personalities. Declan is much more of a free spirit, not really caring about anything, no style, just a random drawing. Carson went in with a plan (he wanted dots) and stuck to it. Once he saw crazy Declan's face he did go back and draw some lines on the side of his cheeks but that's it.

Pretending to be a turtle.

It was non stop fun. After we made our way through the whole thing. which included a life size ant hill where the kids could be ants and a dinosaur exhibit, we told the boys we could go back and do whatever they wanted again before we left.

Declan wanted to be the mailman again.

Him and daddy went and collected all the mail.

And Carson was a fireman.
We also sat at a restraunt where the boys served us with a delicious lunch.

Have no fear. Bennett was there too, hanging out in the stroller, taking 47 cat naps.

And because we like to drive our children to the brink of exhaustion we drug them all to the Mall of America after wards for dinner and Lego World.

The boys were troopers though. We could not have asked for better behavior. We were very proud of them.

And so we got the Volcano for dessert from the Rainforest. I guess it was for someone's 30th birthday this week but I'd rather believe it was because the boys were so good all day.

And like I said...the brink of exhaustion, so that when you sleep your brother could really care less then his legs are across your face.

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