Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Today was a big day in our house. Lots of new things for one big five month old.

He rolled over! Twice! From front to back. He was pretty shocked when it happened I think. I guess this means I can't just throw him on the bed, changing table, kitchen counter, etc anymore. Darn...I enjoy that baby convenience. And I suppose this means we should try getting a baby gate installed somewhere in the future. Which means I need to start bugging Trevor about it now so its done before he's crawling...oh how I tease.

We also ventured into the world of baby cereal today. He seems to be a little piggy lately both during the day and at night. Hopefully giving him some baby cereal will help him (and me) sleep better.

I drug the highchair out of its 2 year storage and wiped and scraped all the crusty food off it. Apparently when we put it away we forgot the minor part of cleaning it. Yum!

He did better then I expected. And he may have actually liked it.

And despite this messy face I think some actually made it down his gullet.

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