Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Program

Carson has his spring program this morning. Based on our experience with the Christmas program I wasn't expecting much. You see he didn't sing, dance or move at Christmas mostly pouted. This morning at breakfast we told him he better sing loud so mommy and daddy could hear him. His response was for us to sit in the front row. Sneaky devil. We didn't quite make it to the first row. Some of those parents must show up at the crack-o-dawn to get their seat because we were there 25 minutes early and they were all gone. Ah, the pressure of being the front row parent. But we did get ourselves an end seat so that was a plus.

Mr. Carson some how scored himself the all important position of Line Leader as they all came in.

And he got to stand by his best friend Andrew so all was right in preschool world.

Watching 36 preschoolers sing and dance is hilarious and so entertaining. Some barely moved and were very stiff (like the boy in the tie on the bottom left) others were singing at the top of their lungs and dancing like a crazy child, one child when the teacher announced what song they would be singing shouted, "not again" (I think its been non-stop practice for a few days) and yet another child was jumping off every step of the bleacher. What a hoot! I can't wait for the next program.

Playing the hand bells (our camera batteries died on us so its a short clip).

Singing Whose the King of the Jungle.

My favorite song they sand...I Just Want To Be A Sheep.

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