Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Future Artist

Carson's last "real" day of preschool was yesterday. Tomorrow they have a school program and next Tuesday is a park/fun day. So yesterday was the big day that all the school supplies and every last paper came home in his backpack. He was so excited about it that it was the first thing out of his mouth when I picked him up and the whole car ride home (which included a trip through the car wash). When we got home he ran right upstairs with his backpack and insisted that I sit next to him so he could show me all his stuff.

He pulled out his supply box to show me all his markers, glue, scissors, crayons and pencils. I noticed that all (seriously ALL) the crayons looked like they were brand new, just like when I sent them to school back in September. I asked him if he even used his crayons and his reply was, "No, I like my mawkews bedda." Really? He has to be the only kid who comes home with perfect crayons after 9 months of school.

The teachers did put together a portfolio for each kid to let parents see their child's progress in name writing, cutting, tracing and my personal favorite, self portraits. I took some pictures so you could see just how far our budding artist has come, it's quite impressive.

This was his first attempt at a self portrait in Sept. No mouth, just some eyes and a nose.

October's version included some arms, legs, mouth and even some hair.

January is pretty close to October just a little bigger. But his arms are now coming out of his head.

And this my dear readers would be April's version. He's even got feet and ears!

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