Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baseball, Park and the Zoo

I'm wondering how many posts in a row I can go with pictures of the kids at the park. Looks like I am at 3. Tis the season for park adventures I guess. For the record....none of these pictures in the last 3 posts have been from the same park. That has to count for something right?

Oh roller the boys have missed you all winter. No need for fancy parks with all the bells and whistles. Just give them a roller slide and they will be entertained for quite awhile.


Baseball...our new favorite thing to play at home.

Keeping his eye on the ball.

Even Declan likes to play.

But not when he gets hit in the head.


Carson's last field trip of the year was today. A trip to the zoo!

I have no idea how we managed to line up 15 4 year olds for this picture.

Carson and his best friend Andrew.

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