Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend on a budget

Trevor and I have tightened the belt so to speak on our budget. I'm not really sure it could get any tighter but somehow we've found a notch or two. So that means finding stuff to do that is free! So what does a family do on a Saturday night to entertain their boys?

Why, they go to Lowe's and drive the tractors around of course! I'm not sure who had more fun, daddy or the boys?

Carson decided he wanted to go fishing today. Sure! That fits perfectly into our "free" entertainment lifestyle. He carried his tackle box around for an hour or so waiting for Declan to wake up.

Carson sure doesn't have his daddy's nose. That'd be my round nose on his face.

Thanks to the monsoon weather we've been having this week everything is nice and green (and the grass needs mowing. Blah!)

Even Declan took a turn at casting. But he would prefer, "no help daddy."

And when your bored with fishing what can you do next.....that's free?

You take silly pictures of yourself while looking in mommy's viewfinder, of course.

I wonder how long this cheap entertainment will last?

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  1. I think the free stuff is the best stuff - especially in the summer!