Thursday, July 24, 2008

A trip to the Dentist

Carson had his first dentist appointment today. When I called a few weeks ago the lady informed me that at this particular practice the children are taken back without the parents. They do their checkup and then you have a little pow wow with the dentist about how it went. I wasn't sure about it and I almost canceled the appointment. I knew Carson would be ok once he was back there and I figured he would probably do better since he would just play shy if I was there. Being back there wasn't my issue, getting back there without me was. So this morning I told him we were visiting the dentist and that if he was good and behaved like a big boy I would take him for a donut afterwards. His first response to that was....

Carson: "Mom, I want Dekan to gwo firwst."
Me: "Well Declan doesn't need to see the dentist yet because he's not a big boy."
Carson: "No, I want Dekan to gwo firwst. "

So needless to say I was a little apprehensive about how this was going to work. When we arrived the waiting area was FULL of toys. The boys were so excited because they even had a kitchen!

With a phone!!
(Yes, I brought my camera to the dentist)

So they called his name and about 4 other kids at the same time. The hygentist was a little excited about it being Carson's first time. He hesitated for a few seconds (probably because she was a little loud) but he went right with her. 45 minutes later he came trotting out holding his "score card" in one hand and a balloon and new toothbrush in the other.

The hygentist said and I quote...
"He was excellent. He's one of the best behaved kids we have ever seen."

(Happy Mom Dance)
Not only did he do great but I suddenly felt like the best mom in the world. There is nothing better then when people, complete strangers at that, tell you how excellent your child is. Not only did they clean his teeth but he let them take x-rays and do a flouride rinse. His teeth look excellent. I met the dentist too and he told me that they usually have to remind parents of 3 year olds to START brushing and lay off the sweets, take care of those teeth! He was very happy that he didn't have to have that conversation with me.

But at that moment Carson decided to tell him we were going for a donut. Lovely!!

And here is our little dentist pro with donuts in hand. That's all he ate for lunch(and Declan for that matter). Guess we better scrub those teeth pretty good tonight.

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