Thursday, July 17, 2008

Potty Training Woes

Earlier in the week Carson went 6 straight nights where he leaked through his diaper. I was the on the verge of a mental breakdown. Seriously, ask my husband! Mostly from having to strip his bunk bed every morning and remake it all over again every night. Whose idea was it to have those bunk beds? Clearly, it couldn't have been mine?

Trevor and I tried to cut back on his liquids to make it stop but nothing seemed to work. I bought bigger diapers which helped a little but he still leaked. By Tuesday I was convinced we would be in diapers for the next 15 years.

Carson has been waking up 1 or 2 times a night for quite awhile. He usually stumbles into our bedroom and collapses on our floor. I think he's usually out before his head hits the floor. One of us gets up and carries him back to bed and he's out again. He's never mentioned he needs to go to the bathroom. Which in his sleep walking state may be hard for him to do. So the other night we decided to try and take him to the bathroom. And lo and behold the next morning he was DRY. I think I may have done back flips down the hall that morning.

So last night we did the same thing. He got up twice and we took him to the bathroom and he woke up dry. Seems like everything is solved right? Wrong. Here's the problem with this situation....
1. Waking up twice a night
2. Dragging a half asleep (if not asleep) 3 year old to the bathroom.
3. Taking off a diaper, while holding up a half asleep three year old.
4. Propping said 3 year old up to the toilet so that he can pee and not get it all over my bathroom.
5. Lay said 3 year old on the floor to re-apply the diaper and half debate whether the stickies have been used up and maybe you should go get another one for fear of this one not working. However that would take more time so you just put this one back on and press a little harder in hopes it stays all night.
6. Carry 36lb little boy back to bed and hope he's out till morning.
7. Repeat least.

I did this twice last night and I'm exhausted. I think it was easier to feed and diaper an infant in the middle of the night. Seriously! I think I am going to invest in some Pull Ups to make this easier but I'm still wiped out and debating which is worse, this or changing sheets every day. Verdicts still out.

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  1. Oh sweetie, give yourself a break! If it is too much for you to get up and help him pee a few times a night (it would be for me!) then just don't do it.

    Maybe you could put a few layers of sheets and plastic mattress liners down, so that stripping is only stripping and not complete bed remaking.

    For me, I think Soren will night train when his body is ready. So I'll just wait for that.