Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Trip to Omaha

This weekend we ventured to Omaha, NE. We've heard lots of good things about their zoo so we decided to take the boys. Oh and they had a Chipotle there so that was an added bonus. Who am I kidding, that's really why we went down there. ;-)

Here is some of what we saw...

We rode the choo-choo (as Carson calls it). It has a real steam engine train so it was pretty neat. Carson was pretty excited about it.

So was Declan!

We even had real conductors.

And managed to snag a good family photo while on the train.

We drove past the elephants while on the train.

Once we got off the train there was LOTS of walking. Carson handled it like a trooper!

We got up close with a turkey.

Checked out the gorillas. (The real ones too.)

Any resemblance? NO, Carson is WAY cuter. ;-)

Looked at some fish.

Saw a black panther for the first time.

Watched a polar bear float around on his back.

Watched the river otters swim around.

The zoo had lots of pretty scenery including a few waterfalls.

Mommy and Carson

And last but not least a 18,000 lb granite ball with a map of the world on it. It was pretty neat. If you look in the reflection of the ball you can see the Desert Dome. They created a big desert inside complete with sand dunes and everything.

I don't think we made it past the zoo gates before he was out.

Declan was glad to be home too.

Speaking of Declan. He got his first tooth this week. Obviously, he didn't want me to take a picture of it but somehow I managed to get it. It's on the top right. Click on the picture to see it better.

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