Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer Heat

The summer heat hit in full stride this week. Luckily its tapered off now but is supposed to be back this weekend. So we found lots of ways to stay cool.

Like hanging out poolside.

Or playing in our new sandbox that grandpa made.

Or taking a bubble bath.

In fact it was so hot outside we had to wear our sunglasses inside.

Popcorn eating 101 (according to Mr. Declan)1. Eat it naked!

2. Gather the pieces in your (cute) little hands.

3. Try and get the pieces into one of your hands. This takes lots of concentration.

4. When that doesn't work just shovel it in using both hands.
5. Keep shoveling until it's all in your mouth. Again, lots of concentration required.

6. Enjoy

7. Go back for more repeating steps 1 through 6.

8. Sometimes this requires digging deep into the bag.

Graham Cracker 1 Declan 0

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