Friday, July 13, 2007

Childhood Innocence

Trevor and I often comment about the innocence of childhood. How wonderful it must be to not have a care in the world, no bills to pay, no job to go to, etc. Oh to go back to childhood where the most stressful part of the day is picking up your toys. It seems we are always delayed in getting the boys to bed on time because it is so much fun to watch them play and enjoy everything around them. Tonight Carson was entertained for a least 30 minutes with a scratcher pad we have for our cats. He delighted in all the things it could be come. Like a little mini tent.
Or a little tiny boat just big enough for him.

Declan can chase a golf ball around the kitchen floor for what seems like an eternity. Or the other day when he was happy as a clam playing with my makeup bag. A lady in the grocery store commented to me the other day about how the boys where silent in the cart and just absorbing everything around them. They weren't worried about the price of bananas or what was for dinner but they were more interested in the produce worker or the deli man who gives out cheese. What I wouldn't do to go back and have such childhood innocence again.

Carson has become our "sandwich stacker." He eats as much of the sandwich as he can without getting too close to the crust then stacks the remnants on top or each other. It's pretty comical but it makes me wonder, why do kids refuse to eat the crust? How does it start? I know I did as a child and I am sure most of you did as well. And at what point do we give in and eat it? Trevor still has times where he doesn't eat all the crust and my grandma refused to eat the crust of a pie. Well whoever invented those uncrustable sandwiches was a genius! Why didn't I think of that?

We have been struggling lately to get Declan to fall asleep on his own. He wants to be rocked and you can forget about doing it in a chair, he wants to be rocked standing up. If I go in there he has to be rocked but if Trevor goes in there he can keep him in his crib and usually get him back to sleep. So, Trevor has been a busy dad trying to teach Declan to fall asleep on his own. Something we never had to work on with Carson. Anyways, the last 2 nights Trevor has laid Declan down and he scoots up to Eeyore and lays his head down and is out.

Most people after they comment on his hair color make a comment about his eyes. They are amazing.

And last but not least a pretty thunder cloud tonight.

Lord, please let this be a sign that we are getting some much needed rain. And I also thank you for my 2 beautiful children and my wonderful husband. Thank you for bringing them into my life and allowing them to teach me so many wonderful lessons about life.

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  1. You had me crying by the end of your post!

    Love you all-