Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Fun

I need to scan a copy of my baby pictures. (Hint Hint Dad!)Man, does this kid look exactly like me.

Yes, my brother smokes a little! He's weird!

Get off me!
This is what happens when I am trying to take a picture of their shirts. It's impossible to get them BOTH to sit still.

My MOMS club visited the Performance Arabian Horse Stables yesterday. Carson wasn't to sure of the horses and they had plenty. He wouldn't feed them his carrot either. He just enjoyed teasing them with it.

Still got the carrot.

This was about as close as he would get.

Declan enjoyed the view from the front seat of his baby ride!


My new monkey boy.

Check out Declan's new muscle swim shirt! Isn't it cute. Works pretty good too.

We tried to go swimming yesterday but the pool closed 20 minutes after we got there. Nothing like spending more time getting the kids ready then you actually get to spend swimming. Oh well we can home and played with the chalk.

And Declan ate that a good thing?

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