Thursday, June 7, 2007


Declan will be 8 months this weekend. Where has the time gone? I thought Carson grew up fast but Declan is at lightening speed compared to his brother. Carson went from eating everything in sight to barely eating this week. The growth spurt must be over. Darn! I like those mega eating sessions. Well I'm sure another one will be here before I know it. Carson has also been adding to his vocabulary everyday. Some of his new words include.... Mom (finally!), on, off, in, bunny, puppy and thank you. He also knows the letter B. We live in Apt. B and the other day he ran over to the door and shouted B!

Declan still isn't sure about eating anything else but baby food. He eats plenty of it though. We have tried bread and he does ok with it. Most times he gets it about 75% chewed before he spits it out. Tasty! No teeth yet but it looks like there are two that are pretty close.

I finally got Declan to talk on the video. You have no idea how long I've been trying to capture that. If you listen closely you can hear Carson in the background copying his sounds. Does this mean they will have there own language? Like "Twin Speak" or whatever they call it between twins. Brother help if that's the case!

Hanging out in the car toy box.

Enjoying breakfast.

Being silly while refusing to eat! Good thing he's so cute.

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