Saturday, June 16, 2007

Teapot Days!

It was Teapot Days this weekend. The weather was HOT and humid so we had a blast checking out some of the events.

Happy Father's Day Trevor, Grandpa Mike and Grandpa Jeff!

Carson and Daddy on the Carousel.

Mommy and Declan decided to ride on the bench. It didn't ease the motion sickness like I thought it would!

Getting ready for the parade. Which I think may have been the hottest parade we have ever been to.

Here it comes!

Say Cheese!

Mommy and Declan trying to stay cool

Declan's hair quickly turned into a wet mop.

No better way to cool off then a dip in the pool!

Hanging out poolside.

Carson being his goofy self.

Declan loved the water.

Staying Cool.

Daddy and his boys.

Declan and Daddy hanging out at the pool.

Time to go home.

And before we go a few videos for your enjoyment.

Carson gets Declan to hold the stool for him.

Carson at the Carnival. (It's a little long, about 4 minutes)

Carson and mom go for a ride down the slide. Watch out (listen for it) for that big bump at the end. It hurt!

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  1. Amos- I love getting updates on the your life!!! I can't believe how much Declan looks like you!