Monday, June 25, 2007

A trip to the zoo and some fishing.

Playing on the floor with crazy morning hair.

Carson trying to stop Declan from going anywhere. That seems to be a common activity in our house lately. Carson likes to block Declan or stand in front of him.....and so it begins.

Last week the boys and I were able to go visit our good friends, the Dunnigans, we ventured off to the zoo and the kids had a blast. Here is a picture of Carson and Erynn.

Brittany helping Carson feed the animals.

Trevor took Carson out fishing yesterday morning. He looks like a pro already.

He even knows how to cast....well sort of.

We didn't have any bait so we tried a leftover cheeseburger. Seems the fish weren't to eager to eat a hamburger on a Sunday morning. I can't imagine why not! ;-)

Declan was in charge of beverages.

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