Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuck in the house

Except for school on Mon and Wed the boys and I have left the house once, on Tuesday. We've been in this house since Wednesday at 11am. And in case your wondering that is a REALLY long time to be in the house, with 3 little boys. Three boys who were bouncing off the walls yesterday and here we are 24 hours later...STILL IN THE HOUSE!

Well I did sneak out for dinner with some girlfriends last night (for my sanity!). It was cold as can be but I NEEDED 30 below windchill was going to stop me. I probably shouldn't mention that I was wearing heels and had no cell phone. Ha!

It was 18 below ACTUAL temperature this morning. School has been closed for 2 days now, and its only January 8th. I don't do well when I'm stuck inside. Just ask Trevor or the kids. I start to go crazy!! Even Emily got a time out in her kennel this morning after she chewed a bottle. Seriously dog?

But the sun is shining, though apparently not warming us up much, and it looks like we've hit a lovely, balmy 8 below. And when these boys wake up we are out of here. Cold weather here we come....mamma needs out! Hopefully this happens before 4 so we can hit Happy Hour at Sonic!

but before I escape into the Frozen Tundra here are some pictures from Sunday when it was only 0 and we went sledding.

Bennett slept in the car.

And then I tried to get a cute picture in his monster hat.

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