Saturday, January 2, 2010


Last week Grandma and Papa Cameron took us bowling. It was the boys' first time "weal bowlin" instead of just playing it on the Wii. It appears that we have a natural bowler in the family.

And it's not me.
(Unless I'm on the Wii then I can kick some serious butt)

It's Carson!

This little stinker beat his 1 point. Scoring a nice 112. He even managed to get 2 strikes. You'd think that by using bumpers 3 adults could kick some bowling butt. We didn't but we all had fun.

Including Declan who was just excited to see it roll off the ramp. He could have cared less how many pins got knocked down. Just the site of the ball rolling down the lane was enough to send him into a jumping joyous celebration.

Waiting his turn.
And that hair do definitely helps his form. (You can see it better in the video)

Baby Bennett and grandma cheered from the sidelines in his Santa hat happily filling his pants...twice. Why does that always happen at an establishment with NO child changing station?


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