Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Death...of a camera.

My camera has died. Well, it's more like in camera purgatory, walking a slow painful death to camera heaven. It will cost more to fix it then its even worth, more then we even paid for it. And it all happened without warning, no dropping it or getting it wet. It just quit working on Saturday. How depressing! Does it not realize I have 3 kids who love to have their pictures taken?

Ok maybe one that loves it. Look, he even smiles at me.

The other two could do without the camera I suppose.

But this guy likes it. Or at least he's small enough to not argue with me.

And on days when he feels the need to catnap (ahem, yesterday) he just coos and giggles and lays still while I shoot pictures of him. At least he does for now!

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