Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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We are just 2 weeks away from our new arrival. Hard to believe its that close. We've had a very busy few days, weeks and months as we've tried to finish our basement in order to accommodate our growing family. All of us our very excited to sleep in our new rooms for the first time tonight. Here's hoping that the boys do well with the room switch. There are still a few things that need to be done...trim work, doors, and some laminate or ceramic tile in the hallway but its good enough for us to move in. MANY THANKS to our parents who helped us get this far!

Looking into my new closet.

And in case you've forgotten what this wall used to look like....

I posted a picture to jog your memory. It was a beauty wasn't it.

And the boys' new room with their bunk bed in 700 pieces. Surprisingly it only took Trevor and I about an hour last night to reassemble it.

Only 1 doctor appt and 4 ultrasounds left until this baby makes his or her entrance. I'm so ready its not even funny anymore. The baby is still doing great despite an enormous amount of fluid in me. I go again on Friday and they will do a weight check to see just how big he or she is getting. Here are some pictures from yesterday's visit.

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