Sunday, September 6, 2009

36 Weeks

This Tuesday will mark 36 weeks. Just 3 weeks from Thursday this baby will make its entrance into the world. Holy Crap! I think it's time to start freaking out a bit. You see our basement is still under construction and the nursery is a storage room at the moment. I'm not sure the crib will be up before he or she is here. Funny how with your 3rd things like that happen. Carson's room was up and decorated before I hit 20 weeks. But hopefully, with a little luck, that will all change in 3 weeks as we switch every single bedroom around in this house in order to accommodate our growing family. I'm hoping to maintain my sanity in the next 3 weeks which I'm not sure is possible. Good news for me....I don't have to move ANY furniture.

I've been feeling big and large and tired and crabby and hot and large, oh I said that already, well basically every feeling one has in the waning weeks of pregnancy. I'm going in for weekly visits and ultrasounds now since the baby is so big and I have alot of fluid. Last Monday the baby was measuring at a nice, plump, 8lbs 1oz. Ultrasounds can be off by a pound either way...let's hope they are! 10 days before Carson was born they told me he was 11lbs and he was "only" 9lbs 6oz....something tells me that this baby will beat that!

So we wait with growing excitement for this new baby, trying to come up with a name and enjoying the last few weeks as a family of 4. And just for fun here is a belly pic of my ever growing belly.

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