Monday, August 11, 2008

A little golfing, a little go-karting.

On Friday I stopped and grabbed some donuts after work for breakfast the next morning. The decision may have something to do with the fact that I am lazy when it comes to making breakfast, but who's keeping track? We had a busy day planned and there is no better way to start your day then to feed your children lots of chocolate and sugar before 8am. They were thrilled to say the least and are now requesting donuts for every meal.

This picture is blurry but I still wanted to show Declan's odd way of eating a donut. I'm not sure if he's actually eating it or trying to snort the frosting.

Either way this is the end product when he's finished. The donut pretty much intact, just missing the frosting.

And this is Carson's end version. At least he ate some of the donut. And have no fear Declan took care of that chocolate frosting. That's what brothers are for I guess.

After our sugar high was in full swing we ran to the farmer's market. In addition to our awesome sweet corn my wonderful husband also got me these. They smell fantastic! Thanks honey!!

After nap we headed out to a friends birthday party where we played mini-golf and rode the golf karts for most of the afternoon.

We may need to work on his form a little bit.

When all else fails you can just push it in with your hands. I think in the golf world that's called a "gimmie."

Declan just carried around my club and ball. He refused to set it down. So glad I paid for that round!

Declan trying to stay cool while watching brother on the "go-go-karts."

All buckled in and ready to go.

Wave to mommy and Declan!

Apparently I was more scared them him.

He talked NON-STOP the entire time I drove. I have no idea what he was saying because I couldn't hear him but it didn't stop. He loved them!

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  1. Truth be told, don't we all wish we could eat donuts that way? LOL.