Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's hit the pool

We only have a few days left before the pool closes for the summer. I'm trying to not to think about that fact because we've really enjoyed our summer at the pool. It's been a good way to pass the afternoon off when daddy is working late. It's been so cool lately that it was actually chilly at the pool yesterday. That should not be the case in the middle of August. Despite everyone's foul moods yesterday the boys had a good time.

Poor timing on my part resulted in us getting there about 2 minutes before rest period. Just enough time to get a little wet and cold.

Then I had to try and keep them out of the pool for the next ten minutes. An exercise that isn't always easy.

Carson passed the time by playing on the ropes but then he got lectured by the pool manager for it. Oops.

Nothing says brotherly love like spitting in each others faces.

Check out all those little freckles and the wet eye lashes! Too cute.

It took quite awhile for Carson to go to bed last night which included a nice poop accident. It was a great way to end my day. So I enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream and told myself tomorrow was a new day...we could start fresh. Only problem with started on Monday around here and this morning at 6:15 AM we were so nicely woken up by the high school marching band having practice. 6:15 AM!! Are you kidding me? If they have practice every morning someone is going to get a complaint. We are at least a mile away from them. I feel sorry for all those houses across the street! Good Lord.

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