Friday, August 17, 2007

Mom and Dad are no fun!

Carson spent the week with his grandparents. He finally returned last night. Now begins the process of un-spoiling him. No more late bed times, rocking to sleep (especially at 4am!), cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no more bringing toys to the dinner table and no more having your toys to yourself because little brother is around now and he wants them too! Man, we sound like a bunch of party poopers don't we? I wonder how long it will take to get him back to "normal?" He's been here just about 24 hours and its already been a challenge (it took 90 minutes to get him to nap today) but that's ok I know he had fun with his grandparents!

We did have fun with Declan this week. Here is some of what we did.
Took our 10 month pictures.

Played with a bunch of toys and didn't have to worry about Big Brother stealing them away!

Played catch!

Such a little devil.

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