Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baseball Night

We got FREE tickets (Thanks Sencore!) to the Canaries baseball game the other night so we decided to take the boys. We were 4 rows up from home plate and there was hardly anyone there so the kids got to be crazy and enjoy the game. We made it through 4 innings before it was time to go.

And I played around with that picture and got this fun effect.

Everyone look at the camera and say CHEESE!

Enjoying the game with his hat ON!

Nothing like football beads and a backwards hat to keep the little guy occupied.

It was cool enough outside that we had to wear pants and jackets. Go Bison!

Another fun effect on a picture.

Enjoying the view at the baseball game.

Carson needed a backpack for school so we headed out and got one this weekend. It's Thomas the Train and he's pretty excited about it.

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