Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Amy in Oregon.

Hmm, never been tagged before but it seems to be a popular thing in the blogging world. How does it work you ask? Pretty simple actually. Someone lists 10 things about themselves and then they tag others to do the same. So here it goes...

10 things that people don't know about me.

1. The biggest regret I have in life so far is that Trevor and I didn't pack up and move somewhere really fun after college. We came very close to moving to Colorado but chickened out. Now that we have kids its something that can't just happen on a whim. Plus I think grandma and grandpa would somehow force us to stay close. ;-)

2. I love staying home with my kids but the best part of my day is when they are both sleeping and I can have some time to myself.

3. I was a swimmer in high school.

4. I entered college as a Pre-Med major. My freshman year I took Biology and got a D. My frist D! I dropped Pre-Med faster then you could blink and eventually got a degree in teaching.

5. I almost didn't go to college.

6. I've lived in 4 different states.

7. When I was in grade school I told all my friends that I was related to Kirk Cameron. I even gave out fake autographs. Hey, they all believed me! ;-)

8. My first job was as a "sandwich artist" (we were really called that) at Subway. I didn't last very long at that job. I must not have been a very good artist!

9. My favorite movie is Meet the Parents. That's how Trevor got his idea on how to purpose to me. (Kids holding up letters that spelled out...Will You Marry Me?)

10. My biggest pet peeve is procrastination and if you knew my husband you would probably wonder how we ever got married! ;-) Love ya honey!

Ok, well most everyone I know that reads my blog, has already been tagged, except for one person that I can think of. I tag Crissi!

Thanks Amy in Oregon....that was fun!

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