Thursday, August 2, 2007

Joy in a Sandbox

It's a tough day around here. The bridge collapsing in Minneapolis has been hard to watch since Minneapolis is our "hometown." Grandma and Grandpa Cameron were at the Metrodome last night and, THANK GOD, made it home ok. All of our other friends were accounted for, lucky for us, everyone was safe. We do send out our thoughts and prayers to those killed, those still missing and those injured. May them, and their friends and families find peace in God's Love.

On a much lighter note. The boys are doing great. Carson has a new BFF (Best Friends Forever). :-) Sam! We went to Sam's house last Friday to play and Carson has not stopped talking about it since. Every time we get ready to go somewhere or get in the car he asks if we are going to Sam's House ("Am's Howse?") I was so glad yesterday that we could finally see him and they could play together but it hasn't slowed his talking about Sam down one bit. This morning he asked if we were going to see Sam and when I told him no we were going to our friend Kalli's house. He talked the whole way there about "Kolli's Howse." This talking thing sure is interesting and makes for great conversation.

Here are some pictures of the kiddos.

Declan has decided that hanging out in the sandbox is a pretty fun place. The other day I caught him dangling over the edge trying to get in.

He likes to find the big rocks. It takes lots of concentration.

Once he's got one in his tiny little hand.....

It usually goes straight to the mouth. Yummy!

Carson usually likes to try and bury his cute little baby feet.

And the other night we looked like this after some time in the sandbox. We went straight to the tub.

We went to Craft Day the other day. Declan enjoyed hanging out eating his Goldfish while we painted.

Carson decided the best way to clean up after painting was to go head first into the pool with his clothes on.

So we came home in just a diaper (and our sandals) and jumped right into the sandbox. How can you go wrong?

All Clean!
I think my bathtub is turning into the sandbox after all the baths post sandbox.

Hmmm, I think I see a Computer Geek in our future.

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