Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

Today is our first day back to school, back to a routine that requires wearing something other then jammies ALL DAY. It was a good vacation. It's kind of a shock to the system though, at least for me. But I'm glad to be back to a routine, although I do miss having Carson around here all day, and so does Declan.

Christmas was wonderful, as it always is. The boys ate up all the magic that is Christmas and they were very sad to see Freddie the Elf go away. These kids make Christmas so amazing, so special and so memorable. I remember Christmas being so fun as a kid but as a parent, well, Christmas ROCKS!

Look at us all coordinated. Aren't we adorable and slightly annoying? 

You like that bling?

Yes I died my hair. Yes it's dark. Yes, I love it!

Jesus' birthday cake was quite tasty!

Maddox slept threw it all....even the clean up....notice there are no presents left under the tree? 

Yes, big boy underwear. Yes, we're potty training. Nope, it was not in my plan (for at least another 6 months). But he's doing it and he's doing pretty well.And he loves his underwear. Today he was a little miffed that I made him put on a diaper for nap. He's been waking up dry and only had a handful of accidents in a WEEK of training.

Looks who can skate! Hockey anyone? 

Daddy couldn't be more proud!

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  1. Looks like the kind of Christmas of fairy tales! What a great Christmas and so awesome that you've documented it for the memories!

    Your hair looks gorgeous dark!