Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's been 12 days of transition in our house and it's been a whirlwind that is for sure. When we came home from the hospital and my parents took off leaving the six of us in our house alone, I was scared. Actually, I wanted to go back to the hospital where nurses changed diapers and meals were prepared and cleaned up for us. All of a sudden we were thrust into reality.

There was four little boys who wanted attention, questions answered, games played, homework looked at, bathtime, bedtime and snuggles. Whoa! How did this happen? How did we become the parents of 4 little boys?

I'm not going to lie, it was overwhelming and still is. When four boys want your attention and your husband and you are trying to have a conversation it's loud and crazy and kind of makes you want to bang your head against a wall. Our house isn't that big so our play space is limited making for a very loud house.

 But we are managing, I am managing. The house is messier, the kids are dirtier, I'm not sure when I showered last but we are happy. Happy to be Big Brothers. Happy to have Maddox in our lives. Do you know how hard it is to remember his name or even call him the right name? It's pretty much impossible. He's more often then not referred to as "new baby" around here. And if it's not that it's one of his brother's name. I wonder how the Duggars do it? How do they keep their kids' names straight with 19 kids? Now that has to be impossible.
Carson has taken the lead on Big Brother status. He loves snuggling and holding Maddox. He's very concerned about where he will lay or be at any given time, whether he's hungry, needs a diaper or is crying. It's quite the experience to watch your oldest become such a responsible little boy. His concern for not only Maddox but his other brothers is inspiring. 

Bennett became an overnight big boy, who still refuses to talk. Someone should really potty train this kid because two in diapers is expensive, not to mention his diapers are kind of gross. I should really get on that but I can't seem to find time to shower or go to the bathroom in peace so I'll just hope it magically happens overnight. What? That's a crazy thought? Don't tell me that! He's made the transition into Big Brother hood pretty well and enjoys rocking Maddox (albeit at a fast pace), holding him and shoving his pacifier in his mouth regardless if Maddox wants it.

Declan is also enjoying his baby brother. He's very good at holding him until he get's too wiggly.He's turned into my little helper by helping with breakfast, lunch or dinner, retrieving miscellaneous things throughout the house and always doing so with a running commentary.

I'm recovering ok. Breastfeeding is always a challenge and this time has been no exception. It's painful, hard and difficult but we are soldering through. Maddox is eating every two hours On. The. Dot.  around the clock, if not sooner. Oye! He loves being swaddled and sleeping in our bed. He's got some crazy skill that allows him to pull his arms out of his jammies every night. Straight out the top, so bizarre!

We are adjusting to the sleepless night. Actually it's a good time to enjoy some peaceful, uninterrupted snuggles with our babe. It's a time to kiss his soft hands, smell his sweet head or play with his little toes. Since he's our last I feel such a strong pull to enjoy every last minute of these precious first few days. I don't want them to go fast but I know they will. I know I will vaguely remember these chaotic days at some point and I'll try desperately to remember that newborn smell. They should bottle that because it's delightful! It's been a hectic transition but we are getting through it and enjoying our all our babes!

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