Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Day

It is 4:53am. In 37 minutes our alarm will go off and it will be time to get up. Unfortunately,for me,I've been up for just over an hour. Yawn. Today is a big day. Today we welcome you to the world.

It's surreal. This pregnancy has been long, longer then the others,and somehow birth day has arrived. It has snuck up on both your daddy and I. We are anxious to meet you,nervous to have a newborn again,and ready to introduce you to your 3 big brothers. Brothers who are very anxious and excited. Well,at least two of them are, Bennett is questionable. He has no idea what is coming and it will be a shock to his system but I have no doubt that he will love and adore you.

It seems just yesterday we were welcoming your biggest brother into the world and here we are awaiting our fourth child. Life is going to fast. I want time to slow down. I want to enjoy this day and everyday of your life. So please, if you could cooperate and not grow up too fast I'd appreciate that. The doctor estimated you to be about 9lbs and have a full head of hair. I think the weight is off but we shall soon find out. Here we go little one,hang on because this ride called life is pretty darn amazing.
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