Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maddox's Birth

Hard to believe it's been a week since we welcomed our fourth child into the world. My pregnancy drug on and on but the time after giving birth always seem to zip on by. In so many ways it feels like we just left the hospital with Carson. Now he's in first grade and eating dinner at a friend's house tonight. How did this happen? Since Maddox is our last child I desperately want this time to go slow, especially these first few days, weeks and months. So we're in the process of soaking up everything that is a newborn. Enjoying his smell, his tiny legs, his midnight feedings and his newborn cry. Please make time go slow.

And please enjoy this photo bomb of his birth.

I look thrilled. Really, I was, but I was also nervous and anxious about my impending surgery. Plus it took 3 different people to get my IV started, it was not a fun process.

Trevor all suited up for the OR in his hazmat suit.

Finally all numb! I was quite nauseous this time around as my BP plummeted after they gave me the spinal. what a weird feeling that was, I really wanted to sleep and just close my eyes. Thanks to some other drugs the feeling quickly vanished.

It's a....


Maddox Renee was born at 9:33am.

Weighing 9lbs 10oz, 21 inches long with a 15 cm head.

Mommy's first look!

Finally got to hold the little bean. My hands had gone numb so I didn't hold him until I had most of the feeling back in them.

Love the smile at that man's face. So telling of the moment.

Maddox, meet your crazy brothers!

They were thrilled to finally meet him and hold him.

Daddy and all his boys.

Bennett giving kisses.

Lots of snuggling with mommy in the hospital.

and daddy too.

There has been lots of looking, hand sanitizing and watching Maddox since we got home.

Bennett took a day or so to warm up to him. He was a little unsure of him at first.

Then he tried to sit on his lap and cuddle with him.

And of course pick him up.

And hold him while making cheesy smiles. He also is a fan of jamming his pacifier in regardless if Maddox wants it or not. All in all the transition has gone smoothly.

Our hearts are full!

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