Monday, August 8, 2011

Having fun at the farm

We spent the weekend at the farm. Our last weekend away before the baby comes. Now, it's time to relax, finish some things around the house and get ready for to be a family of 6! This all happens one month from today. Yikes.

Speaking of the baby....this is my view. That is one big belly. Though not nearly as big as it was with Bennett.

We played some Bocce ball. Bennett was my partner, not sure we won.

There was less screaming over the weekend. That was delightful. When he's not screaming he is quite cute, funny and say the least. I'd get a video of his quirkiness but he tends to clam up when I take it out. Stinker!

The boys did plenty of four wheeling.

They climbed into Papa's grainery.
The big boys were brave enough to climb to the top.

And we did alot of hanging out in the heat. Bennett is a sweat head....can you tell?

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